iPhone Grocery Shopping – It’s a Life of Riley :)

It’s quite satisfying to receive your groceries via an online shop…no need to trapse around a packed supermarket after work and all your shopping packed into bags marked fridge/freezer/cupboard (far more organised than I ever would be). It’s quite the life of Riley…even moreso due to the fact my order was placed via my Ocado iPhone app without the need to sit clicking through pages of groceries on my PC.

This is the future of online shopping.  So why  are the other supermarkets not following?

The Tesco app is the nearest I have found to Ocado, although there’s no function as yet for placing your order.

I must say I was amazed after using the search to look for Bananas, the app could tell me the exact location of the product (only in the main stores and not Express stores).  How accurate it is remains to be tested but pretty impressive nonetheless. It’s nice to be able to create a shopping list in the app and essentially this is it’s main feature. Tesco have also released a Clubcard app, again useful instead of having to remember to take your clubcard for each shop but it would be good if the two apps are combined, and for credit card clubcards to be eligible for registration in the app. Not a bad effort by Tesco though.

So what is it that makes the Ocado app so good? Well plenty of things…It’s easy to order groceries from specially the designed mobile layout with easy lists and clear grocery information and the ability to easily change quantities. Each item has a clear picture with the option to review further product information. My favourite feature is the basket which offers views of a grocery list, or a screen of pictures of the items you are buying. The app is clear to keep track of spending at the top of the page in case you are going to get carried away.

The homepage keeps track of orders, shows the next available delivery slots and offers a search function for products (either through categorised lists or a general search). By far the most helpful feature in the app was that on selection of a delivery date, I was presented with a number of my basket items that would not be available for delivery on that day, with the option to search for alternatives and edit my basket. My basket is also retained and can be reused/edited for my next shop. Easy peasy. Though remember to remove items you don’t need again… I have a significant number of lemons in my fridge at the moment.

I have rarely used online shopping via the web as I can’t generally be bothered to sit looking through pages on a computer. However the iPhone app allows me to just add items as and when I remember at the touch of a button no matter where I am.

Now had I opted for an Android phone I could take my searches one step further with a voice search for groceries. There is also a service counter that allows you to change features of your groceries. That amazes me…iPhone catch up soon please.

Morrisons, Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco (though they’re half way there) get a move on because for now Ocado app is where I’m staying 🙂


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