A time comes to many of us when we realise we have crossed the boundary into geek. For me that boundary was stepped over during the week when it became more important to choose my first smartphone than to go out for lunch, shop and have girly chats.

I was thrown into a dilemma…being a true Google girl my instinct was Android but the lure of the neatly finished iPhone was becoming far too strong. I spent hours trawling the web to find anywhere that would offer me an answer but was finding noone who could make a decision for me.

Being a social media fan, the widgets and multitasking capabilities of the HTC Hero (the latest HTC at the time in the UK) were proving tough competition. But despite it’s best efforts the HTC couldn’t match up to the little extras offered by the iPhone 3Gs. Had it been a 3G, I wouldn’t have taken much convincing to go Android, but the speed and smoothness of the 3GS made it a clear winner. Sadly enough it’s the small things that counted like the uninterrupted scrolling through tweets in an iPhone app and the animation of trashing an e-mail into the trash can. Simple but appealing finishes.

And so several months on I have come to realise that for me the iPhone 3Gs was the best decision. I am eagerly awaiting my upgrade to the OS4 software to see just how the multitasking capabilities of the iPhone will compare to Android.

Never before have I felt so connected to the world.

So as you can see I’m converted to the iPhone (and this blog is likely to reflect hat way of thinking), but I hope to offer my girl thoughts on all things geeky. Watch this space…


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