Tweetminster: Tweet To Show You’ve Voted

Unless you’ve been on another planet over the last few weeks, you’ll be aware that Thursday is decision time and we may wake up to a new UK government on Friday morning.

This election has gripped me like never before, simply because technology has taken over. In 2005 there were no Twitter campaigns or election apps to deliver manifestos to us, or to report so quickly on the terrible gaffs made by politicians. In some ways it has never been so easy to be up to date on the latest politics. Never before has an election been so interactive.

On Thursday, @Tweetminster are asking for twitterers to show that they’ve voted – not who you’ve voted for, but where you have voted from. They are working in conjunction with Channel 4 (@Channel4news), the Guardian (@GdnPolitics) and New Statesman (@NewStatesman) to map the voter turnout.

The details are in the following article – Tweetminster survey… But to summarise, tweet #ukvote followed by your first part of your postcode once you’ve voted to be counted in their survey. The map will be available online and I imagine discussed in the media.

So don’t forget, Thursday is voting and tweeting day 🙂


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