Gleekmissy :)

Ok girls, although we know blokes secretly love it too…it’s finally been time to get try out the Glee app. I LOVE Glee.  I admit it.

Smule, who also produced the Ocarina app, have again managed to create an amazing little chunk of technology (for a mere 59p at the moment too) with the ability to keep me entertained for quite some time.

I must say I was initially disappointed to find only 3 songs to sing along to, with further tracks each incurring an additional cost…they know that people are going to end up buying them. However, my brief disappointment was over when the music started for Rehab and I was off. You can record as you sing, and submit your song to be shared with the world, although I wouldn’t inflict myself quite yet on a poor unsuspecting listener. The other two freebie songs included in the app are Somebody to Love and You Keep Me Hanging On.

As the words appear on the main screen, a harmony and pitch indicator picks up your voice and maps whether you are singing along correctly – the better the singing, the more stars burst onto your indicator.

As well as singing on your own, the app has the ability to add your voice to someone else’s song to create a mini glee club of your own. Rather clever. You can also invite others to add their voice to your song.

You’ll be pleased to hear I’ll be resisting the temptation to be sharing my songs via Twitter ( Facebook, MySpace or e-mail). I’ll stick to singing in the privacy of my own home.

Well done Smule – another fine app 🙂


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