Spoilt for Choice – Election Results Night

So UK…tomorrow is decision time after 4 weeks of frantic campaiging. I’ll be tuning into TV to watch the results come in (though I don’t expect to last the whole night) but I’m more interested to see how else the results will be reported in the rest of the media.

I’m still undecided who to vote for but have got my iPhone apps on the go for a final read…iLabour, Conservative, Lib Dems and Green Party. I’ve also got my Election Quiz 2010 for Dummies (!) which has proved interesting and totally thrown me with the results it produced!

Once I’ve decided and made my vote, I’ll be tweeting @Tweetminster to show I’ve voted. As mentioned in my previous post, they are carrying out a survey in coujunction Channel 4 (@Channel4news), the Guardian (@GdnPolitics) and New Statesman (@NewStatesman) to map the voter turnout. To join in tweet #ukvote followed by the first part of your postcode. Follow the results on Tweetminster’s web page: http://tweetminster.co.uk/.

As with the leaders debates, Twitter will undoubtedly be the focus of the social media community with #ge10 and #ukelection being the main hashtag topics. Also at the top of the trending list as I write is #imnotvotingconservative, though equivalents for and against the main parties are popping up in my feed.

The Tories have made an interesting move and will be advertising with all rights to the YouTube homepage tomorrow. I’m not sure it will encourage people to vote Tory, but it’s likely to serve as a reminder to actually get yourself down to the polling station. Funny to think that YouTube was in it’s infancy at the previous election and now it’s used as a key tool in advertising and campaigning, as well as an ongoing PR tool for No 10.

So how will I be following tomorrow night (until I inevitably fall asleep)? Were I in London I’d probably get myself down for a stroll past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament where the BBC will be projecting live results onto St Stephen’s Tower – an interesting new multi media approach to election results. The famous BBC swingometer will be in action on TV with plenty to offer on the BBC Election Website too.  ITV also have their web coverage of the events, although ITNs Channel 4 News always appeals to me – their serious reporting always complemented by a subtly cheeky comments. They will be blogging throughout election night on their Live Election blog, however it’s uaully the news anchor tweets that deliver the fastest news. I follow @krishgm who keeps me very entertained, particularly when he tweets during live shows. Other Channel 4 tweeters can be found here.

On the web, the major newspapers will be tracking the results – check out the following websites:

So tune in, log on and enjoy quite possibly the most unpredictable election in a long time.

p.s. If you’d rather avoid the hours of watching results coming in, you could always just tune into Eastenders on Friday…they’ve recorded an ending for all election outcomes and it will be slotted into the end of the show :/ (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment_and_arts/10098370.stm)


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