Take A Break…3 iPhone Apps to Help Relax

What a day! I need a break to relax before I get myself in front of the TV for some election night results viewing…and how easy to do so with my favourite iPhone apps 🙂

It’s amazing what a 20 minute effort to relax can do. Apparently winding your body down to a relaxed state is as effective as a power nap and I’ve found some great little apps to help with this.

1. Breathe – The Autonomic Pilot – £1.19

Firstly ‘Breathe – The Autonomic Pilot’ focuses on ways to breathe either to relax or energise yourself. Relax focuses on exhaling for longer, energising on inhaling and holding for longer. Alternative options allow you to balance your breaths in and out equally or set a custom pattern. All methods can be adjusted to a number of breaths per minute to suit your body’s natural breathing technique.

It’s easy to use…simply watch the circle on screen and as it grows,  inhale,  and shrinks, exhale. It really makes you focus and in a few breaths relaxing can feel your body letting go.

The basis of the app is autonomic power and allowing your body to go into Autonomic Pilot so that your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) can focus on looking after your body. I wasn’t aware I had an ANS – it’s all to do with power and energy in your body that keeps us alive. For more information see http://www.theautonomicpilot.com.  At first it was a little expensive just to watch a ball grow and shrink but it’s actually proved itself and I’m much aware of how I breathe. It also reminds me to take time out to spend time breathing properly in the day. Small things can make a big difference.

2. Relax With Andrew Johnson (Lite) – Free

I stumbled across the app while browsing the store and attracted by it’s ‘free’ label thought I’d give it a go. I’ve used it countless times when trying to escape from the hassles of the day and also late at night when trying to wind down (though he does wake you up at the end so try his sleep app if you want to stay asleep!).

Using the app you are talked through (presumably by Andrew Johnson) progressive relaxation to get you to relax your whole body and once relaxed, focuses on letting you slip deeper into a totally relaxed state.  Gentle music plays in the background and you can turn the introductory message off so you don’t have to listen each time. Before trying this I hadn’t been aware how tense I actually hold my body. At the end like I said he does bring you round and it’s a lovely feeling knowing that you’ve let your body just totally switch off for a short period of time.

Being a free app, the time period is limited to about 20 minutes (though thats a guess as I’m always too relaxed to look – it may be shorter but surely thats a good sign that I don’t know!), though his numerous paid apps are longer and offer support for sleep, weight loss, confidence, positivity and success. All are highly rated. The apps are also available on other platforms so you don’t need to miss out if you don’t have an iPhone.

3. Pzizz Relax – £5.99

So you may be thinking that £5.99 is a little overpriced for an iPhone app but I was pleasantly surprised with what I had received for my money. This has quickly become my favourite relaxation app. Pzizz is primarily sold as software that you run on a PC/Mac to create soundfiles for audio devices to relax, sleep and energise, however the iPhone apps have also proved a great success. 

Pzizz offers a different way to relax by putting you in control of your relaxation. Instead of listening to the same old relaxation cd again and again, Pzizz software creates a soundtrack for you, selecting different music/sounds and piecing them together differently for your selected amount of time (10-90 minutes) – this means that every session is different. But it’s not just music that relaxes, the conbination of frequencies in the sounds you hear allow your brain to enter a relaxing state (the pzizz website can explain the science far better than I can!).

As well as the music you can opt to hear spoken suggestions, the volume of which can be adjusted just like the music. I personally like these suggestions as they stop my mind from wandering and help me to remain focussed. It’s so easy for my mind to wander back to the busy-ness of the day. You can also select a background picture and whether you wish to listen in stereo or 3D. The all important alarm ensures that you wake up and don’t spend the rest of your afternoon at work dozing in the bathroom.

I was so impressed with the results from this that I bought the sleep app too and for the same price. Both work a treat.

Follow pzizz on twitter @pzizz.

Lovely Jubbly.


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