The world would be a better place if there were more High 5s :)

How good would it be if a coalition government was agreed, not with a handshake, but a high five? Seriously. I am a big fan of the high 5, not to mention the big 10. They’re ace 🙂 

A lad in my office would regularly give high 5s as he strolled by…it’s just a bit of fun but it used to brighten my day. Now I’m high 5 friendless. Or so I thought until I stumbled on a website and iPhone app today: Have Some High 5s.

I’m not sure my words could really do this website justice so I will let you explore for yourselves…make sure you have the sound on 🙂 I think I like the dinosaur ones the best.

If, like me, you need high 5 friends, then download the iPhone app where you can make some high 5s and send them to your friends on e-mail where they will learn to appreciate the value of expressing themselves in such a way. As with all things you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter (@havesomehigh5s) and YouTube.

So who’s with me…..HIGH 5!



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