Gordon Brown Resigns – The Twitterverse Speaks

Gordon Brown resigns and here what Twitter has to say about it…

@jonswaine: Gordon Brown exacts final revenge on newspaper detractors by dropping most complicated bombshell in political history at 17.05

@unclemoo: gordon brown, depth perception of none, stepping down, its mandelson now.

@davecaughey: Gordon Brown to step down as leader of the Labour Party, a condition of a possible deal with Lib Dems perhaps?

@KaschWilder: Gordon Brown fell on the knife to protect a progressive society. Hero.

@julianswainson: Gordon Brown has not said that he will not be chancellor again… #justsayin

@digitalmaverick: I deeply admire Gordon Brown’s dignity and sense of duty – so very rare to find these days

@moley75: To Gordon Brown, thanks. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8673526.stm

@mrchrisaddison: Gordon Brown to go by September. This is so he can go on holiday once the schools have gone back and the prices come down. Good economist.

@SweetestWave: Gordon Brown resigned?! Oh. Good. Now maybe we’ll see less of his terrifying face on tv.

@DavidO911: Gordon Brown resigned from power? Where did that pang of conscience come from? Who was holding the gun?

@hellobuglers: Following his apparent resignation, Gordon Brown heard inside No.10 shouting: “Who gave me the wrong speech? This is one prank too far.”

@MShepheard: Gordon Brown resigns, but Mandelson, Johnson and the other henchmen linger on.

@StephanieEllen:from the trending topics i can work out -it is Monday, Gordon Brown has died &Labour have replaced him with Justin Bieber

@AHaglington: #ukelection Labour lost the election. Now Gordon Brown states he will resign in 4 months time. Anyone explain that?

@bogle_mcneep: Do you think Gordon Brown gave the FREEDOM! speech from Braveheart to the cabinet before he made the announcement?

@JohnoStubbs: Gordon Brown resigns – is he worried about his loss of Twitter followers?


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