How to get Freeview and BBC Radio on iPhone…Hooray :)

I’ve learnt a few top tips these last few weeks so thought I’d share how to get Freeview and BBC Radio on the iPhone.


In the UK Freeview TV is available on the web from Simply register an e-mail address and password to gain access to the TV channels. You’ll notice a section for iPhones – follow this link from your phone and bookmark the page to your homescreen and hey presto…Freeview on your phone 🙂 The beauty of it is that you can stream over 3G so you’ll never have to miss that episode of Glee…err…I mean serious documentary…again.


 BBC Radio

This require a little more effort but is worth it thanks to an app called FStream. This app allows .asx websites (amongst others) to be streamed.

On the favourites page, select Edit and Add New Webradio. Add the station name and URL as below. Return to the first page and select the station to stream. All live streaming UK radio stations are listed in this website and you can just follow the links and copy the live stream address. Here’s a few main bbc ones to get started.

Radio 1:
Radio 2:
Radio 3:
Radio 4:
Radio 5:
Radio 5 Sports Extra:

Enjoy 🙂


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