The Internet Ain’t All That Bad…Good News For A Tuesday :)

It’s like anything isn’t it…the internet makes the headlines when things aren’t going quite so well and can be associated with some terrible things. So here on a sunny (ish) Tuesdsay morning are some tales of how the internet/apps have been used to help people for good:

  • Bev Holzrichter of Iowa found herself seriously injured and helpless after being kicked by a horse at her stables. She’d had webcams installed in the stables to stream the foaling season online. Due to the stream, people from all over the US and even Europe made emergency calls and got Bev the medical attention she desperately needed.
  • Following the Haiti earthquake, Dan Woolley used a medical app to diagnose and treat his injuries. This prevented him to avoid going into shock and was able to then use his phone to map a safe place to wait for rescue. Now that’s a reminder to keep the phone charged 🙂
  • PostSecret (if you’ve never seen it, check it out) has countless tales to tell about saving people from situations they don’t want to be in and even preventing suicide. This community art project has received thousands upon thousands of anonymous postcards detailng secrets about everything you can imagine…some happy, some sad. It’s amazing how some of the secrets ring true, and how hearing other people have similar experiences can spur people on to get help. Read some of the follow up stories here.
  • A facebook conversation helped to save the life of a British teenager who had taken a drugs overdose. A US girl read a message saying the boy in the UK was going to harm himself and as a result the boy was found and made a full recovery. Incredibly, the call went throught the white house to contact the local UK police who managed to track the correct house down.
  • ‘Losing it, without losing me’ is a blog about a girl who was ‘in a downward spiral to dying young’. Through Twitter and Facebook she built a community of friends and support who have provided encouragement and guidance to changing her life. Her blog provides an insight to how she’s done this…inspiring 🙂

Any more for any more?

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One Response to “The Internet Ain’t All That Bad…Good News For A Tuesday :)”
  1. Amy says:

    Thank you for the kind words!

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