Twitter Leads Again: William Hague – The Most Significant Tweet?


I think this tweet is pretty amazing. William Hague has made quite possibly one of the most significant announcements Twitter has ever seen in the UK. We all know that this signals the final talks that will bring us out of the hung parliament and that will see us finally having a new Prime Minister. At last! But who would have thought news would be confirmed in this way. Twitter seems to have turned a corner…no longer is it just for Justin Bieber’s ever expanding fan club.

We have seen it more and more over recent weeks, but Twitter is fast becoming a reliable media source, with Tweets from key politicians being flashed onto screens during BBC News reports. Will it become a source for individual journalists to break news? I would have thought that media companies may have some pretty stringent rules about what can and can’t be tweeted in order to protect key headlines.

My job here to record the tweet is done…the lectern has been placed outside Downing Street so assumingly Gordon Brown is packing his bags, putting his shoes on and turning the lights off in Downing Street. Lets see…

Update 7.30pm > And he’s gone. Farewell Gordon Brown. Welcome David Cameron (nearly)


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