Tea, Cucumber Sandwiches and Twitter: Keeping Up With The Brits

Oh what a jolly interesting time we’re having in Britain in 2010, a new decade where Britain has fully embraced the world of social media. The Queen may not be sat there with a smartphone nor David Cameron with his own Facebook page, however our British institutions have launched themselves into the world of social networking with full gusto. Cool Britannia at it’s finest.

Get yourself a pot of tea and some cucumber sandwiches and take a look at how you can keep up with the Brits.

The Royal Family

I may be wrong, the Queen may have a smartphone, but she’s not updating Twitter directly, however the British Monarchy as an institution are @TheBritishMonarchy. Here you can find out royal appointments for many of the Royals, as well as information such as the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. Further information about all matters regal can be seen on the British Monarchy website. Bravo.

Number 10

If you want to keep up with the latest Downing Street news, Number 10 is the place to be and they’re all over the social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and flickr. Twitter has been a bit quiet since before the Election campaign, but now that Parliament is back in session today I expect normal service will resume.

Even better is the Number 10 iPhone app which provides access to the latest news and brings together all the social networks in one place. The app categorises updates into News items, Statements and Briefings which is useful if you’re looking for something specific. There are also Twitter feed, photo and video pages, as well an audio section for Podcasts, Statements and Prime Minister’s Questions.

Lets not forget the devolved governments of Britain in all of this. Scotland’s government website offers the same networks: Twitter, YouTube, flickr and podcasts. Wales is yet to catch up with networking, however the Assembly has a useful website. The Northern Ireland Executive website can also be found here.

 Parliament UK

Parliament UK is a site dedicated to the goings on under the watchful eye of Big Ben. It details Parliamentary business but also gives a really useful insight into how Parliament works – particularly useful in the past weeks when we’ve all been wondering how a hung parliament works. They too are down with the kids making politics accessible for all: YouTube, flickr, Facebook, Twitter (@UKParliament).

Love UK

Love UK is the Facebook group for Britain’s official tourism board. The About Britain website contains loads of the usual tourism information about Britain and it’s very interactive with the opportinity to upload and share photos and videos. The Twitter account @VisitBritain is very active and followers can benefit from a whole load of extra tips, discounts and offers.

So there you have it, a whistlestop tour of all media things officially British. Try it out…you might be surprised at what catches your interest.

Pip Pip.

5 Responses to “Tea, Cucumber Sandwiches and Twitter: Keeping Up With The Brits”
  1. Lesliegreen says:

    Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

  2. G says:

    Hmmmm… I think that recent British governments have been communications-obsessed already, with just the papers and telly to work with…

    They regard any new popular forum as a way to put out a polished image.

    The Monarchy or No.10 – those probably aren’t aggressively partisan vehicles, but all this WebCameron / MPs on Twitter stuff looks desperate.

    If they were actually saying anything of substance and engaging in genuine dialogue with the public and with critics then I’d welcome communication through all new-fangled channels.

    I guess the reason I felt the need to be all curmudgeonly about it here is I think that there is this implied and hyped notion that, ‘this technology is democratising because it brings us closer to the politicians’. I think it actually gives them more power as advertisers and media manipulators. You ever see Ellie Gellard’s blog ‘The Stilettoed Socialist’? Pure froth. Although the constant heckling she gets is hilarious (but also kind of sad).

    • geekmissy says:

      Hey…thanks for your comment. I agree – they’re not saying anything of particular substance. But for the more naive people like myself, it’s nice and very easy way of having the basics delivered to us and it probably engages me in the subjects more than before. Having never been au fait with politics etc, it’s nice to have a simple starting point for discussion – I’m not stupid by any means but i’m just not politically minded.

      Whether it looks desperate – yes sometimes it does. It was like a child having a tantrum when the MP immediately closed her Twitter account upon losing her seat (the name excapes me).

      As for wielding power, my lack of cynicism neglects that this as a possibility. Surely though they’ve got to keep up and put up some sort of fight against those who manipulate them?

      I think, like anything, this sudden urge to expand into new technological territory needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

      • G says:

        You know the kind of person whose tweets I might be interested enough to follow? Someone who rubs shoulders with the powerful and influential but who has no political affiliations or ambitions. You know, you’d just get the occasional glance through a window… not enough to cause everyone to be careful around them or ask them to censor their tweets.

  3. kimberlybowman says:

    hey, thanks for the comment – and the tourism links. will be checking them out!

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