Diaspora here we come?

It looks like I’m not the only one preparing to ditch Facebook (yes preparing….read here). The question is do I need a replacement or am I happy without? Where Facebook is failing, others are booming with one name in the pipeline sticking out in particular…Diaspora.

So what is so special about Diaspora? Well it’s all there in the definition – privacy and control…the things that Facebook is reported to be lacking. A quote from their website:

Our goal is for everyone to have full control over their data and to empower people in to become responsible, secure, and social Internet dwellers. We believe offering this service will be helpful to non-technical users who are also worried about their data and privacy online.

Diaspora is in it’s develoment stages and the team have now completed their fundraising aiming to release software at the end of the summer. When released, we are offered our own personal web server which will aggregate personal information be it vidoes, photos, tweets, flickr photos or dare I say it Facebook feeds.

I personally feel quite excited about this and look forward to it’s release. I think the possibilities will be countless being able to combine all my current networks and create new ones, and all in one secure centralised space.

Anyone else tempted by this?


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