iPhone Fairy, Here Are My Wishes…

My iPhone has genuinely changed my life in some ways…I am more efficient, more responsive to people and generally more productive because of it. But now I’ve got greedy and I want it to do more. Here are my top ten things I would like the iPhone fairy to bring me…what would you add?

1. Use my phone as a debit/credit card. Sorry little plastic cards…I’m hoping your days will soon be over.

2. Order and pay for a Starbucks on the move. GPS detects my location, alerts the store when I’m a couple of minutes away and there’s my drink fresh, ready and waiting, preferably waiting for me courtesy of a barista stood at the shop door 🙂

3. Notify me a let me renew my library books at my local library. Oh the fines I would avoid.

4. Let me select from a database of recipes and automatically populate my online shopping app with all the correct ingredients. Everything delivered to my door with minimum effort 🙂

5. Change all my phone settings to specified combinations based on GPS location…no worrying about leaving the ringer on loud. Android phones can do this already 😡

6. Record live TV. Watching it was good at first but now I want to record and save so I don’t miss anything.

7. Alert me when someone from my adress book is nearby allowing me to meet or avoid as appropriate 🙂 Obviously need exceptions…don’t need to be notified my housemate has walked in the room.

8. Auto-reply texts that are configurable by contact, time of day and keywords eg to my boss, Yes I’m stuck I’m traffic. Be there shortly.

9. Alert me when my bus has reached a specified location, giving me a 5 minute warning to get to the bus stop. Save me standing in the cold for 40 minutes.

10. Alert me when I download music or order online clothes that would classify me as middle aged. I don’t want to be old before my time. Warning…this is a purchase your mother would make. Are you sure you want to proceed?

I don’t think any of these are unreasonable requests! Come on Apple…get developing!


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