Dear BBC, Where are my iPhone apps please?

I’m going to contradict myself here as I generally don’t consider myself a huge fan of the BBC, however I am awaiting their official iPhone applications as I do tend to rely heavily on their news and sport reporting. The thing with the BBC is that I know I’m not going to like everything they … Continue reading

Checking In…

When I joined Twitter about 3 years ago I was at a bit of a loss and not really sure what to do. There weren’t many people I knew or celebrities using it and it all seemed a little pointless. I abandoned it for a while. Needless to say I now check it every day … Continue reading

iPhone Grocery Shopping – It’s a Life of Riley :)

It’s quite satisfying to receive your groceries via an online shop…no need to trapse around a packed supermarket after work and all your shopping packed into bags marked fridge/freezer/cupboard (far more organised than I ever would be). It’s quite the life of Riley…even moreso due to the fact my order was placed via my Ocado … Continue reading

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