Take A Break…3 iPhone Apps to Help Relax

What a day! I need a break to relax before I get myself in front of the TV for some election night results viewing…and how easy to do so with my favourite iPhone apps 🙂 It’s amazing what a 20 minute effort to relax can do. Apparently winding your body down to a relaxed state is as effective … Continue reading

Gleekmissy :)

Ok girls, although we know blokes secretly love it too…it’s finally been time to get try out the Glee app. I LOVE Glee.  I admit it. Smule, who also produced the Ocarina app, have again managed to create an amazing little chunk of technology (for a mere 59p at the moment too) with the ability … Continue reading

What’s For Lunch?

It’s a working day, 11am, and my rumbling tummy tells me lunchtime is approaching. The plethora of options in the city means I’m spoilt for choice of cafes and food stores and I can spend ages wandering around each to look what’s on offer for the day. But why waste time when my phone can … Continue reading

iPhone Grocery Shopping – It’s a Life of Riley :)

It’s quite satisfying to receive your groceries via an online shop…no need to trapse around a packed supermarket after work and all your shopping packed into bags marked fridge/freezer/cupboard (far more organised than I ever would be). It’s quite the life of Riley…even moreso due to the fact my order was placed via my Ocado … Continue reading

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